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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Shop Now. Starting your outdoor lighting project but not sure what line voltage is, or why choosing low voltage for landscape lighting for your property is the preferred choice? Read our helpful lighting guide for line voltage V installation and use.

  • Landscape Lighting: Voltage Drop and Wiring Methods
  • How Far Can Landscape Lighting Wire Go?
  • Minimum Cable Constant =
  • Can You Use Landscape Wire For Speakers?
  • Landscape Lighting 101
  • How Do Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems Work?
  • Landscape lighting stakes
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Landscape Lighting: Voltage Drop and Wiring Methods

General lighting, or ambient lighting, is a central light source used to illuminate an area in a uniform way. Placing a fixture high in a tree catches the details of the branches and leaves, emulating the look of moonlight for an impressive effect.

Keystone Sales Group, Inc. Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of Hadco Low Voltage Transformers. Vista Pro Pack. Get the Details. The next major component of a volt lighting system is the low voltage transformer. Product Description. Triad products can be UL Listed or Recognized to any number of standards. I hired a professional to install around 60 low voltage LED light bulbs around the periphery of my house and around the trees. Trex Deck Lighting builds into new decks or easily fits existing decks.

This remote electronic transformer converts standard volt line-voltage to 12 volts, providing the necessary voltage for powering a MonoRail, Kable Lite, Wall MonoRail or FreeJack low-voltage lighting system.

This Trex LED Transformer is available two sizes to meet your lighting needs for projects small or large. The junction box or the low-voltage transformer must be located at least eight 8 inches measured from the inside of the bottom of the junction box or transformer above the MAXIMUM water level, OR at least four 4 inches above the ground level or pool deck, whichever is greater.

The type of transformer needed for deck lighting depends on the size of the lighting job, type of deck lights, design layout, watts required, and length of cable runs. Shop our wide selection of high-quality power supplies designed specifically for LEDs. In addition, all units will meet the new California title 24 compliant law and offer special universal features: dimmibility, motion sensitive, solar adaptable, with NEMA 3 ratings, and water resistant features.

The main pilot light for the transformer is green and located right above the internal breaker. An adapter is the right choice if you are installing just a few light Keystone Sales Group, Inc. October 10th, Transformer, Power Supply Manufacturer. Light Sensing Photocell Function. Free shipping for many products! Part No. Hadco 12 Volt Transformers.

Quick Start Step 8 Check that both pilot lights are on inside the transformer power unit. We offer a variety of low voltage transformers for LED lights, designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Intertek provides you with the testing and certification needed to ensure your products will survive the elements and offer consumers a quality, energy efficient product. If you can't find your answer here, please email us at expresslighting yahoo. Hover to zoom. Protect timer controls and receptacles from the elements with code-compliant outdoor enclosures.

SellerFor more than 25 years, Q-Tran has been at the forefront of architectural LED lighting design and manufacturing, providing the highest quality LED lighting and LED power supplies for the most exacting applications. Meets the department of energy doe mandatory requirement efficiency rating of VI Watt low-voltage transformer for use with volt landscape lighting systems. The EZ transformer is only 6. The size of cable used in wiring the lighting system will be determined by the wattage load and the length of cable run from the transformer to the lighting fixtures.

Dual photo eye technology with built in sensor or ft cable photo eye. We work with engineered and tested products that will meet all your needs. A lighting transformer is typically an autotransformer, which is a transformer that contains only one winding. Dusk to Dawn. Image not available. Accentuate a painting, create an atmospheric desk space, or light up the content of a cabinet with our multi-purpose LED strips.

UL registered as an LLC in Either way, the transformer's somewhat permanently mounted and I'd like to use it as it's already there, water-tight, and has the specific fitting to match the pool light flange.

Choose from among the best of Hadco 12V Transformers to best fit your landscape lighting system. Designed for safe operation with a grounded shield between the primary and secondary windings. Picture Information. Deck Lighting Transformers. ClaroLux offers a full line of 12 volt, low voltage, halogen lamps for all of its fixtures in a wide variety of wattages and beam angles.

Hadco TC Safety transformer supplies 12 volts to pool and spa lights, submersible fixtures and outdoor garden lights. Westek's scope has expanded to: Development and manufacturing of test cables and ancillary operations and maintenance equipment for the telecommunications, medical device and instrumentation, aviation, military and other industries.

This Better Homes and Gardens transformer is intended for use with the Quickfit line of landscape and pathway lights. Works on any power grid globally. Compatible with power pack stand W low-voltage transformer.

Our lineup of die-cast, low-profile and plastic weatherproof covers offers rugged protection in all types of applications, including industrial, commercial and residential. The Portfolio watt landscape lighting transformer offers improved performance and increased efficiency.

UL Recognized products are products designed explicitly as a part of a larger product — for example, a power transformer designed to be used in a PC — that meet all standards that are relevant to it in its particular end use. For LED lighting, led backlighting projects, channel letter signs using transformer and 12V of power.

In Stock Ships Today! Need a replacement Power Adapter? Whether your adapter quit working due to water damage or accidentally broken, the Xing Yuan power adapter will get your device back up and running. We can provide the electromagnetic power supply, power transformer, and a large variety of other specialized products for industries including lighting and renewable energy.

PLT Lighting Products. This remote electronic transformer can be used to power lamps totaling up to watts. Even if your a seasoned professional, following these simple steps can save time and money when trying to resolve an LED installation issue.

Every low voltage lighting project requires the use of a lighting accessory commonly called a power supply. Walmart has discontinued this product even though it is only a year old. If your track lighting fixture is a low voltage fixture, then you need a track lighting transformer. Output 12V DC 13W. I needed 4 such transformers because of the magnitude of the project.

It not only houses the light source but helps to direct the light toward the area you wish to illuminate. Operates Up To Phoenix Lights.

Whether your business is local or global, we can help to ensure that your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world. It's the basic light that allows you to navigate a room. I just can't figure out what 35vav means, and google didn't really help.

A grounded shield between the primary and secondary winding assures safe operation. Rest assured knowing Trex lights use 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent lighting. You can think of general lighting as your typical ceiling lamp in the kitchen or living room. Lighting transformers are transformers that are used to work lighting.

Digital controls allow three different modes of operation. Hadco TSS Learn more about the growing market for horticultural and agricultural lighting. Architectural Troffer Light. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. It includes a Euro-board terminal block for easy low-voltage cable attachment and has 12, 13, 14, and 15V output taps to help increase design flexibility and The first major component of an outdoor lighting system is the fixture.

Compatible with power pack standWe carry the full array of Hadco transformers. This is the volt power supply that converts line voltage current down to 12 Lighting Transformers. Discover More. Mouse over to Zoom. Includes a foot quick connect extension cable. Transformers ensure that the energy flow from your household to your lighting fixture is safe and compatible.

This professional grade watt low voltage landscape lighting transformer is constructed of Black Metal housing, and is equipped with a multitap terminal that offers 12V, 13V, 14V, 15V, to compensate for line drops on long runs. Low voltage lighting systems are typically installed using UF underground feeder rated stranded cable. They are designed to make it possible to transform voltage down to levels that are suitable for household lighting. These lighting parts are used to replace broken parts, protect components and installations against dust and damage, and restore electrical function to a fixture.

Learn More. Built-in circuit protection will disconnect power to the transformer in case of an overload. From our available options, you can choose from the following: 1. Use12v DC voltage converter to eliminate the use of car batteries.

How Far Can Landscape Lighting Wire Go?

Monday - Friday: a. There are many landscape lights that you can install yourself, particularly low voltage landscape lighting. Solar powered landscape lights are the easiest to install! Many models are ready to go right out of the box.

Use thinner gauge wire for low-power projects less than watts. Light Fixtures and Bulbs. Light fixtures are usually placed 10 feet from the transformer.

Minimum Cable Constant =

When wiring landscape lights or deciding how to select which type to use, keep in mind that there are many different varieties of landscape or garden lighting available. So I'm going to cover some basics that I hope will get you knowledgeable enough to tackle the Do-It-Yourself landscape lighting installation. The v Source lighting house voltage is typically used for commercial purposes. The biggest advantage is that this type of source can produce a more powerful light illumination. The disadvantages are numerous. They cost more to operate, they are less safe, harder to install and the list can go on. Or low-voltage lighting is without a doubt the most popular. This type system will cost less to operate, can produce great illumination, allows for an assortment of different style light fixtures and is very easy to install.

Can You Use Landscape Wire For Speakers?

If you have not read it, you can check it out here. In the previous part of the article series, we have covered some important parts of planning and designing a landscape lighting system such as:. Thus, in the second and final part of the article series, we will move on to the execution of the design, covering calculations, installations, and other technical aspects required. Before we begin, you might also want to check another one of our article covering voltage selection for a landscape lighting system here.

When operating low voltage landscape lights, you need a transformer to transform your standard house line voltage V or V into low voltage 12V or 24V, the current needed to operate low-voltage landscaping lights.

Landscape Lighting 101

Landscape lighting is the ideal way to add drama, beauty and allure to your home exterior at night. Here are five steps for developing distinctive, functional designs to put your property in the best light when the sun goes down. Walk the landscape during the day and night to select key focal points: A stoic oak tree, a tall, handsome palm, a majestic group of juniper shrubs. Or hardscape feature a stone wall accented with fine travertine capstones, a carefully crafted facade, or even water features. These are all great examples to give you an idea of what to look for when it comes to focal areas of your landscape.

How Do Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems Work?

We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I ordered the wire for underground lighting fixtures and it was well constructed with good materials and should make its use perfect for my usege. If I need more specialty wire I will order from here. Sitemap Copyright Parts Warehouse Theme. All rights reserved. Powered by BigCommerce.

This low voltage pagoda landscape light with a 3-tier light has a Shop unique outdoor lighting accessories such as bulbs, wire, stakes, and more.

Landscape lighting stakes

Click to see full answer. Then, can you use regular wire for low voltage lighting? Yes, you can. Electrical wire has two main properties that matter for most uses - current carrying capacity and voltage handling capacity.


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Spring is in the air. The days are getting longer now that daylight savings time has started. With the sun out, you may have rediscovered your yard. It is, again, comfortable to sit outside.

When installing 12V landscape lighting, you want to make sure you also install the right sized low-voltage transformer.

Landscape lighting can turn a visitor from feeling wary to welcome. It can change the rest of the yard from Nightmare on Elm Street to Some Enchanted Evening , all with the flip of a switch. The first step in this transformation is to educate yourself about the possibilities. The strong lights typically used for entrances and to illuminate large areas, such as driveways and decks, are powered by a volt current. A qualified electrician must wire them directly to your circuit box and the cables, held within a protective conduit, must be buried at least 18 inches below ground. If you have these fixtures, make sure they are UL-listed and approved for outdoor use.

Search Products:. Kichler low voltage transformer. Kichler Volt Path Light.

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